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Application of LED

Jingdezhen report: According to the overall plan of urban and rural environmental renovation work of Jingdezhen Municipal Committee, Municipal Government and Municipal Administration and Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau, to create a good city appearance and dress up Jingdezhen's night, the street lamp management office of the Municipal Administration and Law Enforcement Bureau entered the aging and yellowing lampshade of the street lamp of an important trunk road and new air road in the city on March 8. All of them have been replaced, so that the city's urban road lighting streetlights can fully meet the standards issued by the Ministry of Housing and Construction.
It is understood that the road lighting lamp of Xinfeng Road in Jingdezhen City was built at the same time during the road renovation in 2005. It has been used for ten years. The lamp shade has aged and turned yellow. As a result, the road lighting line of the main road in this city is dim and the illumination of the whole road has declined, which can not meet the national standards. It has brought many inconveniences to the citizens passing by and affected me to a certain extent. The image of the city opening to the outside world. In order to thoroughly change the current situation of this section and comprehensively improve the level of road lighting in our city. Jingdezhen Xinfeng Street Lamp Renovation Project, under the personal inquiry and guidance of the leadership of the Municipal Administration and Law Enforcement Bureau, through on-site investigation and testing by the engineers and technicians of the Municipal Street Lamp Management Institute, will completely change the lighting status of this section by choosing a new green and environmental lampshade which is currently the leading technology of urban street lighting in China.
Jingdezhen Xinfeng Road Lighting Street Lighting Renovation Project started from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on March 8. The renovation ranges from east to west of Changjiang Bridge and west to Porcelain Capital Avenue. The total length of the renovation is 4.4 km on both sides of the road. The total number of replaced street lamps is 86 sets 430. In order to complete the task of lamp replacement on time with quality and quantity, Jingdezhen Street Lamp Management Institute dispatched 8 special machinery and equipment and more than 50 cadres and workers to overcome many inconvenient factors such as construction road congestion, and fought all-weather in the production line. The lampshade replacement of Xinfeng Road was completed and put into use before 6 p.m. that day, and Xinfeng Road was conveniently constructed. More beautiful night scene to welcome guests from all over the world.
Zhongshan Mingjian Lighting Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of road outdoor lighting facilities and various street lamps and LED street lamps. It is also a professional manufacturer of outdoor lighting production and sales of high-quality outdoor lighting street lamps and engineering supporting facilities. Main production: Landscape lamp, high pole lamp, road lamp, courtyard lamp, LED street lamp, solar street lamp, LED lamp, LED landscape lamp, lawn lamp, wall lamp, buried lamp, electrodeless lamp, lifting lamp, lighting engineering, and related accessories enterprises. In terms of design, we adopt authentic Yaming Electrical Appliances to develop international road outdoor lighting products by ourselves, which is the core business of Shanghai Yaming Electrical Appliances. In order to meet the landscape requirements of different environments, we have developed different functions of modelling lamps, landscape complementary street lamp fusion street lamp.
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