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The Origin of Landscape

The term "landscape" first appeared in the Hebrew Bible (the Book Psalms) to describe the overall Olympic landscape of the holy city of Jerusalem (including Solomon temples, castles and palaces). His view may be related to his Jewish cultural background. "Landscape" is "landscape" in English, "Landschaft" in German, and "payage" in French, the earliest appearance of the word "landscape" in Chinese literature has not yet been confirmed. However, the earliest meaning of "landscape" in both Eastern and Western cultures has more visual aesthetic significance, which is synonymous with or near to "scenery". This is also the main meaning of landscape understood by literary and artistic circles and by most landscape architects (Yu Kong-jian, 1987). Various dictionaries (Webster's, 1963; Oxford English Dictionary, 1933; Cihai, 1979, etc.) give priority to the meaning of "natural scenery".
Landscape lamp
Mingjian Lighting specializes in the production of outdoor road lights, landscape lights, LED landscape lights, LED street lights, solar street lights as the main products. Mingjian Lighting Co., Ltd. concentrates on the development and development of street lamp, cooperates with customers to customize non-standard products. The company has its own cone pole factory, independent research and development of street lamp head, supplying the major street lamp manufacturers in ancient town. At the same time, it has signed cooperative relations with Shanghai Yaming to better serve customers at prices and advantages. The main products are solar street lamp, LED street lamp, landscape lamp, yard lamp, lawn. Lamp, and more than 1000 kinds of outdoor lighting, the company to perfect, rigorous outdoor lighting concept as the business spirit. The project manager responsibility system shall be implemented, and the construction shall be strictly in accordance with the national construction technology standards and safety standards. In terms of after-sales service, the company has set up a full-time after-sales service department, implemented the system of individual project person-in-charge, and implemented the system of regular inspection and repair. A series of supporting facilities,