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LD for medical applications

The new darling of LED, which is born in the extreme energy shortage, has a wide range of applications. The application of LED in medical treatment mainly includes light therapy and rehabilitation, health care and so on. Compared with laser, LED light source is small in size, cheap in price, and has various spectra. It can also be used in large area wound irradiation by arrays of multiple LEDs. At the same time, the advantages of wavelength in light therapy can be realized by choosing different wavelength LEDs. With the high efficiency of LED, the application of LED in light therapy has great potential. The application of LED in medical care and rehabilitation is also based on the same principle. Sample principle.
LED road lamp holder
The application of LED in medical treatment is slightly different from that in agriculture. In medical applications, because the human body has various tissues, the LED light source should not only consider promoting the growth of some tissues, but also consider destroying other tissues. Therefore, the research of LED in medicine will be more complex. With the development of LED technology, in addition to the above, LED will also produce a variety of applications, and the research of these applications will greatly enrich the research connotation of lighting science.
It is worth mentioning that the LED visible light communication technology, which is produced by the combination of LED and communication technology, will have great application prospects in the future. However, in LED communication, LED is only a carrier. So, although this is an interdisciplinary subject related to lighting in the future. But strictly speaking, this belongs to the category of lighting science, but is a part of the communication discipline.