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Zhongshan Mingjian Lighting Co., Ltd.

Zhongshan Mingjian Lighting Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in the production and sale of high quality outdoor lighting street lamps and engineering supporting facilities. The main production: intelligent street lights, non-standard cultural custom landscape lights, magnolia lights, sculptures, shaped pull lamp poles, LED street lights and street lights, solar street lights, traffic signal poles, street signs, high pole lights, etc. have professional designers, and Large laser cutting equipment, two light pole production lines.
In terms of design, we use authentic Yaming Electric to develop international-grade road outdoor lighting products, which is the core business of Shanghai Yaming Electric. In order to meet the landscaping requirements of different environments, we have developed different functions of styling lamps, the complementary light distribution of street lamps and the reflection characteristics of different objects, and the opening of outdoor road lamps, street lamps and LED lamps, and lighting engineering technology. In the development of the garden lamp series, we can meet the lighting effects of the urban environment and establish high-quality, high-efficiency, economical, beautiful, safe and reliable products, providing a variety of choices for those who pursue perfection.
Large street lamps, LED lighting and led landscape lights, high pole lights, road lights, garden lights, led street lights, solar street lights, LED lights, lawn lights, wall lights, buried lights, induction lamps, lifting lights, etc. Lighting project, widely used in municipal engineering, gardens, parks, development zones, squares, villas, highways, etc., the factory has strong technical strength, complete equipment, excellent quality, advanced and unique design, diverse styles, crafts Advanced, well-equipped, perfect detection means, updated quickly.
In the construction, the company is based on the perfect and rigorous outdoor lighting concept. Implement the project manager responsibility system and strictly follow the national construction technical standards and safety standards. In the after-sales service, the company set up a full-time after-sales service department, implemented a single project special person responsibility system, and implemented a regular inspection and maintenance system.