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Term Of Service

Term Of Service

Thank you for visiting etalasekediri.com

etalasekediri.com is a media blog that discusses place and other interesting topics related to those mentioned earlier. The articles on this blog are written from the writers' knowledge and understanding of today's kediri. Maybe some articles resulted from rewriting with a different grammar. 

By visiting the etalasekediri.com blog, you agree to the following terms:  

You as a visitor agree not to copy and paste the articles on the etalasekediri.com blog as a sign of permission from the owner of this blog. 

Media such as images or videos on the paketwifi.com blog are images or videos sourced from the Internet that do not contain copyright and can be reused and are also sourced from Google Images which have been distributed and modified. If you find an image of yours that is copyrighted and published on this blog page without permission, please contact us via the contact us page or send an email to faritmahmudi@gmail.com with pleasure etalasekediri.com will delete and replace with another image or you can ask us to include the source in the description in the image. 

You as a visitor agree not to take actions that disturb comfort, for example giving spam comments, dirty comments, SARA, and other actions that can disturb the comfort of etalasekediri.com and other readers. 

You as a visitor agree not to leave a live link in the comments column. 

Those are some of the terms and conditions of service from etalasekediri.com, we are very grateful for visitors who comply with the above rules. 

Thank You 

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